This album with 9 color bdsm artworks was added to the gallery Anonymous Bdsm Art. It is mentioned these artworks could have been done by Jim, the mysterious artist who illustrated many books and periodicals sold by mail order through Irving Klaw’s Nutrix company in the 1950’s. Members can viewRead More →

The new magazine is out, filled with vintage bdsm art. Featured in this magazine are artists: George Leonnec, Hageby, Paul Klamm, Albert von Keller and Elihu Vedder. There is a little bdsm related art from La Vie Parisienne, photographer Franz Lehnert is featured, retro breathplay photos from an unknown photographerRead More →

The book La Papesse du Diable was published for the first time in 1931, written by Pierre de Ryunes. In 1966 it was republished. The artist remains unknown.Read More →

Dolly Esclave was published in 1936, with art from Carlo. I had not yet found all artwork in good quality but today I was able to complete the album with 5 more artworks. Members can view the album below or via the artist’s page.            Read More →

Rare album with 4 colored art from Cheri Herouard, in large format. I could not find out to which book these are connected. Members can view the album below or via the artist’s page.             Content Restricted Sorry, you need to be logged in toRead More →