Paul Prött created fetish and FemDom Art

Prev 1of5 Next ~ ca. 1880 – ca. 1961 ~ There was little to find about this Illustrator. He probably lived in Köln. I once stumbled upon an album from an anonymous Hungarian artist who has a similar style as Paul Prött. I am not sure if they are theRead More →

Gaston Hoffmann created erotic/medical

Prev 1of5 Next ~ 1883 – 1960 There is not much to be found about artist Gaston Hoffman who’s most famous artworks is a satire on medical subjects and for ‘Scandale au Pictoire’. It shows a panel of judges “scandalized” by something they are viewing. I assume it is aRead More →

John Willie was a bondage artist

Prev 1of9 Next   ~ 1902-1962 ~ John Alexander Scott Couts was born in Singapore and grew up in England. In the mid-1930s, he began working for a Sydney-based fetish club as an illustrator and photographer; around this time he began a relationship with Holly Faram, one of his models,Read More →