For Mario Laboccetta I had only one album so far, I managed to find some more art. Some subtile bdsm art and erotic art. The page has now 4 albums with 43 artworks.Read More →

A new artist was added to the site. Georges Barbier (1882–1932) was one of the great French illustrators of the early 20th century. His Art Deco style hides some interesting bdsm elements, for the viewer who can relate to these subtile dynamics they are a true pleasure to see. Go here toRead More →

Georges Augustin Barbier (1882–1932) was one of the great French illustrators of the early 20th century. Barbier was 29 years old when he mounted his first exhibition in 1911 and was subsequently swept to the forefront of his profession with commissions to design theatre and ballet costumes, to illustrate books, and toRead More →

A new artist has been added to the site, Ludwig Lutz Ehrenberger (1878-1950). Be sure to visit his page and view the amazing album Das Trunkene Lied. Members can view all art, non members can enjoy the free preview.Read More →

Ludwig Lutz Ehrenberger (1878-1950) was a German artist. He was famous for advertising, posters and illustractions from 1900 to 1930, his style includedLiberty/Jugendstil to Art Deco. He used the pseudonym Henry Sebastian. There is not much known for this artist. I browsed quite some time to discover more art, and this resultedRead More →

Written by Pierre Loÿs and illustrated by André Collot, this book was published in 1948. Currently for sale via auction.Read More →

Barye Philips (1924-1969) was an American painter and illustrator of pulp magazines and paperbacks. Phillips was also active as a painter and sculptor.He illustrated training booklets and propaganda during World War II. Phillips began painting paperback covers around 1943 and was very prolific throughout the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s, earningRead More →

These artworks were done for a book titled Villa Aphrodite, I could not find more info. Most artworks were erotic/porn so I only selected the few that are bdsm related. This is a free feature for all visitors, so no need to register. It gives you an idea of howRead More →

Illustrated by André Collot, the book les 120 Journées de Sodome by Marquis de Sade, published in 1935.Members can view the album below or via the artist’s page. ** This page is part of the Free Preview Feature, choose the Free plan when you register and return to this pageRead More →

There are various artists known for their (bdsm art) book illustrations that also illustrated for the magazine La Vie Parisienne. When you take a closer look, and perhaps with a little fantasy, you can see subtile settings related to bdsm themes. Enjoy this free gallery.Read More →

For these artworks I could not determine an artist, I think they are vintage. Members can view the album below, see more anonymous FemDom art here. Content Restricted Sorry, you need to be logged in to view this content. Already a member? Please login here. Not a member yet? AsRead More →

This book with the very long title La Flagellation Amoureuse: Dans L’histoire des Mouers et dans la Littérature suivie de la Flagellation des Femmes en France Sous la Revolution at la Terreur Blanche was published in 1904 with 5 artworks from Martin van Maele. Members can view the album belowRead More →

These artworks are signed G.W 1928 but no other info was found. The style seems different then that from artist G. Whips  Read More →

A new page was created for artist Maurice Milliere, who was mainly known for his illustrations for magazines like La Vie Parisienne and Le Sourire. Less known is he also did some bdsm work for the book Cravaches et Franfreluches, published in 1934.Read More →

Prev 1of4 Next ~ 1871 – 1946 ~ Maurice Milliere was a French painter, printmaker and illustrator, born in Le Havre to upper working class parents; his father was a merchant’s clerk. His early artistic interests are not known, but he completed his secondary education at the Ecole De BeauxRead More →

A new artist has been added to the site, for Helmuth Stockmann is very little information to find. His style shows resemblance with the art from Felicien Rops for instance. A mixture between sex, death and (dark) fantasy. Members can view all art via the artist’s page.Read More →

Prev 1of3 Next Helmuth Stockmann was a draftsman, caricaturist and illustrator. He illustrated numerous books in the twenties, including new editions by E.T.A. Hoffmann and Diderot, also many erotic (and some at that time controversial and forbidden) works. His works were featured in the war leaflets (published by P. Cassirer),Read More →

Prev 1of1 Next The book The Diary of a Lady’s maid was published in 1903 with art 12 artworks by Emile Mas, these were engraved by Eugène Dété. I attached only the artworks that have a subtile connection to bdsm dynamics. ** This page is part of the Free PreviewRead More →

Prev 1of1 Next For this artist I could not find any information other then the fact that he illustrated the book Weiberherrschaft. Die Geschichte der körperlichen und der seelischen Erlebnisse des Julian Robinson, published in 1909. ** This page is part of the Free Preview Feature, choose the Free planRead More →