For this book I only had a collection art in small format, I was able to replace many artworks. They come from different scans so they are not all the same colors. Sous la Tutelle was illustrated by Luc Lafnet and published in 1932. Members can view the album belowRead More →

Something that took me many hours to work out. Organizing the artworks from Gert Gaggleman (also known with the name Judie Delcourt). Not only did I reorganize the albums but I could also add more artworks that had not been uploaded before. So now the page for Gaggleman contains 16Read More →

Klismaphilia (or klysmaphilia) is a paraphilia involving enjoyment of, and sexual arousal from, enemas. Klismaphiles can gain satisfaction of enemas through fantasies, by actually receiving or giving one, or through the process of eliminating steps to being administered one. Within bdsm enema can fulfill as part of the fantasy, most times forced by the dominant partner. For theRead More →

It took me some time to sort out but I managed to add more artwork to the page about Helga Bode. Currently there are 6 albums with 45 artworks, mainly spanking and some enema.Read More →

The album for the book Les Tyrans Passionelle, published in 1935 was renewed with better images. View the album below (when logged in as premium member) or via the artist’s page.             Content Restricted Sorry, you need to be logged in to view this content.Read More →

A little while ago I found a sketch from an anonymous artist, when I only find one artwork that is not enough to create an album. Still I was triggered by it and decided to store it on my computer, some weeks later I found a second one from theRead More →

  There is not a lot known for this artist other then he illustrated the book L’Amour Fouétte, publised ca 1930. I was able to add 12 artworks in large format. Members can view the album below, or visit the artist’s page (with free preview for non members).   ContentRead More →

Prev 1of3 Next Ch. Avalanche is the name, or perhaps a pseudonym, of the illustrator of the spanking novel L’Amour fouetté by Gaston Vincennes. The book’s exact year of first publication is unknown, but is probably 1920-1930. The cover for this book however was done by Mario Labocetta. It’s mentionedRead More →

Today I was able to replace 15 small images with large versions, in good quality. Daniel Girard (Dagy) was an artist who created erotic F/F and M/F adult spanking art. He used the pseudonymes Dagy, Daniel-Girard and Max Delian. The album with art from the book Confidences égarées (1932) wasRead More →

View in large format View in large format Updated all 16 artworks from Leo Fontan for the book Chambrières de haute école, published in 1934. Members get to view and download art in large format and without watermark, see below or view artist’s page Content Restricted Sorry, you need toRead More →

To get an idea of the art you can view as a member I have created a small gallery with art from various artists. Members have access to all artwork on the site without watermark, easy to download and (where available) in large format. Click here to join and accessRead More →

This was a task waiting for me to work out for a very long time. I had already built a gallery for Paul Kamm but in time I found more and more art from this artist, but then I have to compare to make sure I don’t add art twice,Read More →

It is not very often I ran into a almost complete set of large format illustrations from one book, this time I ran into artworks from P. Beloti for the book Jacinthe ou Les Images du péché , published in 1934. So 15 illustrations in good quality and large formatRead More →

To stay connected to my previous blog, I noticed there are some artworks dwelling the web that are contributed to Judie Delcourt as being her spanking artworks. The truth is (as far as I was able to find out) she did not do spanking artwork except for two artworks. TheRead More →

These two illustrations are believed to be from an artist using the pseudonyms Judie Delcourt and Gaggleman. They also seem to be the only two sketches known to be from this artist since all of her (or his) artwork are in color. The artworks were done inspired by photos fromRead More →

There are some doubts about the name for this artist, some say these drawings were illustrated by Judie Delcourt, others mention the name Gaggleman. The time area of the artworks was first to believed being around 1938 but it could very well be from around 1950. One thing is clearRead More →

Art by Luc Lafnet 1889 -1939 ~ Luc Lafnet was born in 1889 in Liege, he died in 1939 in Rueil-Malmaison (Hauts-de-Seine). Luc Lafnet was a painter, printmaker and illustrator in France. He lived in Paris from 1923 till 1939, his works approached the abstract art. He used the aliasesRead More →

Enema art is a special genre, sometimes combined with spanking art. Enjoy this preview and unique enema art works. Artists who did enema art you want to check out: Helga Bode, Gaggleman, Richard Hegemann, Cheri Herouard, Fontana, Eugene Reunier, Louis Malteste, P. Beloti, N. Carman, Margit Gaal, Paul Kamm GalleryRead More →

Luc Lafnet was a spanking artist

Prev 1of9 Next ~ 1889 -1939 ~ Luc Lafnet was born in 1889 in Liege, he died in 1939 in Rueil-Malmaison (Hauts-de-Seine). Luc Lafnet was a painter, printmaker and illustrator in France. He lived in Paris from 1923 till 1939, his works approached the abstract art. He used the aliasesRead More →

Prev 1of6 Next ~ 1891 – unkown ~ Paul Klamm or Paul Kamm (who also used the pseudonym C. Soulier) was born 1891 in Berlin, Germany (year of death unknown) . He was a German FemDom/BDSM artist in the 1920’s and 1930’s. His Bdsm work, largely published under the nameRead More →