The Dime Mystery magazine began its monthly run in December 1932 as Dime Mystery Book Magazine, which contained a “two-dollar novel” and two to three short stories for ten-cents. The content was the general mystery/ detective fiction like that found in Dime Detective. The covers of each issue featured the image ofRead More →

A new album was added with art from Sao Chang (and some from Lany-R). The art was created for the book Tortures et lubricité, published in 1935/ Members can view the album below, or via the artist page. Content Restricted Sorry, you need to be logged in to view thisRead More →

  Prev 1of5 Next ~ 1891 – 1976 ~ Max Ernst was a German (naturalised American in 1948 and French in 1958) painter, sculptor, graphic artist, and poet. A prolific artist, Ernst was a primary pioneer of the Dada movement and surrealism. He had no formal artistic training, but hisRead More →

A new artist has been added to the site, for Helmuth Stockmann is very little information to find. His style shows resemblance with the art from Felicien Rops for instance. A mixture between sex, death and (dark) fantasy. Members can view all art via the artist’s page.Read More →

Prev 1of3 Next Helmuth Stockmann was a draftsman, caricaturist and illustrator. He illustrated numerous books in the twenties, including new editions by E.T.A. Hoffmann and Diderot, also many erotic (and some at that time controversial and forbidden) works. His works were featured in the war leaflets (published by P. Cassirer),Read More →

La Nudité de Lucy was published in 1920 with art from Roland Brevannes, using the name Tack. Members can view the album below, or via the artist’s page.             Content Restricted Sorry, you need to be logged in to view this content. Already a member?Read More →

A new album was added to the gallery from Luc Lafnet. Illustrations from the book Etreintes sacrilèges, published in 1928. Members can view the album below (when logged in and with premium subscription)             Content Restricted Sorry, you need to be logged in to viewRead More →

With a twist to dark, surreal and fantasy art Felicien Rops is remember for his strange but highly erotic art. You can discover 83 artworks, all have been handpicked by me, enhanced and carefully selected.Read More →

Prev 1of5 Next ~ 1833 – 1898 ~ Felicien Joseph Victor Rops was a Belgian artist, known primarily as a printmaker in etching and aquatint. He is noted for his drawings depicting erotic and Satanic themes. Rops is furthermore important for being a pioneer in Belgian comics. Rops was bornRead More →

Femdom artist

Prev 1of5 Next ~ 1892 – 1942 ~ Bruno Schulz was born in Drohobycz (now Drogobych, Ukraine), a small town in Galicia, into a Jewish family. The area was then part of the Austrian Empire. His father run a clothing shop, but left it to the care of his wifeRead More →

Vintage bdsm artist

Prev 1of4 Next ~ Date of birth unknown ~ No information found about this illustrator. Some refer to this artist as Sadi-Mazo. There is one edition from the book Luxure et souffranc (1950) that holds also 8 colored artworks from the artist. So far I was able to find 4Read More →

Unknown bdsm artist

Prev 1of5 Next ~ Date of birth unknown ~ At first I had this paged stored as ‘Lany-R and Sao-Chang’, it seems these were two illustrators (or perhaps the same I could not determine for sure). So I decided to create a page for both, perhaps I will discover moreRead More →

Illustrator for Die Laterne

Prev 1of1 Next ~ 1867 – unknown ~ Other then the fact that Ernst Gerhard was a German illustrator who made the illustrations for the book Die Laterne there isn’t any information to be found from this artist. This page is a free addition, you only need to register asRead More →

Prev 1of5 Next ~ 1872 – 1898 ~ Aubrey Beardsley was an English illustrator and author. His drawings in black ink, influenced by the style of Japanese woodcuts, emphasized the grotesque, the decadent, and the erotic. He was a leading figure in the Aesthetic movement which also included Oscar WildeRead More →

von Bayros created erotic portfolios

  Prev 1of8 Next ~ 1866 – 1924 ~ Marquis Franz von Bayros was born in Zagreb in 1866, as the son of a Spanish nobleman One of his erotic portfolios, ‘Erzahlungen vom Toilettentisch’ (‘Tales from the Dressing Table’), caused a courtcase and made Von Bayros famous. In 1911, theRead More →