The new magazine is available. Subjects like bondage, spanking, cross-dressing are featured, artists presented in this magazine are: Bartey, Evelyn de Morgan, E. Klem, Paul Emile Becat, Helmuth Stockmann and Delos Palmer and anonymous artists.Photos from Jean Agelou, Biederer Studio and anonymous photographers.Be sure to check out the preview toRead More →

Updated Education Anglaise, published in 1908 with illustrations from M. del Giglio.I was able to add a few new artworks that were not yet in the album, and all are now in large format.Members can view the album below or via the artists page. Content Restricted Sorry, you need toRead More →

For this book I only had a collection art in small format, I was able to replace many artworks. They come from different scans so they are not all the same colors. Sous la Tutelle was illustrated by Luc Lafnet and published in 1932. Members can view the album belowRead More →

Most of Carlo’s artwork are dedicated to Damsels in Distress, beautiful submissive females being dominated by attractive woman. There are however some FemDom artworks to discover as well, see this preview. Be sure to browse Carlo’s page and enjoy more.Read More →

Something that took me many hours to work out. Organizing the artworks from Gert Gaggleman (also known with the name Judie Delcourt). Not only did I reorganize the albums but I could also add more artworks that had not been uploaded before. So now the page for Gaggleman contains 16Read More →

Some exciting crossdressing artworks from unknown artists were added to the page Crossdressing, Anonymous. View all 18 artworks below or via the gallery (this is a members feature)             Content Restricted Sorry, you need to be logged in to view this content. Already a member?Read More →

Prev 1of4 Next Cross-dressing is the act of wearing items of clothing not commonly associated with one’s sex. Cross-dressing has been used for purposes of disguise, comfort, and self-expression in modern times and throughout history. Almost every human society throughout history has had expected norms for each gender relating to style, color,Read More →

Prev 1of5 Next This artist illustrated some books written by Grégor Yvan (Grégor Yvan Wild). For the artist I could not find any information. One of the books illustrated by this artist was stored on my site for a long time, somehow I overlooked the artist. Books illustrated by Kurtys:Read More →

To get an idea of the art you can view as a member I have created a small gallery with art from various artists. Members have access to all artwork on the site without watermark, easy to download and (where available) in large format. Click here to join and accessRead More →

When working on a special theme page on Cross-dressing I found many artworks from Swiss Jim, so I decided to do a little detour and update the page for this artist. I managed to add 46 artworks and create multiple albums: FemDom, Feminization, F/f and MaleDom. Here are three artworksRead More →

When working on adding a new theme page about Cross-dressing I was able to update the page for M. del Giglio with art from the book Education Anglaise. A French spanking novel by Lord Kidrodstock and features forced cross-dressing, tightlacing, high-heeled boots, deportment training and flagellation at an English boardingRead More →

It is not very often I can add albums with many artworks in large format. Today I have been working on Joujou ou Les Libertinages du travesti, illustrated by Cheri Herouard and published in 1936. There are 16 artworks in the book, I managed to find 14.  Read More →

Roland Brévannes was a French author and artist and one of the major contributors to early 20th century French spanking literature. Between 1903 and 1939 he wrote, illustrated and published about 100 erotic fetish novels in French, mostly of flagellation themes. He used the pseudonyms Don Brennus Aléra (an anagramRead More →

My collection art from Carlo is probably the one I have edited the most since 2006, not only am I adding new albums from time to time, but sometimes I find art in a better quality or larger fomat, so I decide to renew some albums. Like tonight, two albumsRead More →

Prev 1of3 Next ~ 1872 – 1942 ~ Elisàr August Emanuel von Kupffer was a Baltic German artist, anthologist, poet, historian, translator, and playwright. He used the pseudonym “Elisarion” for most of his writings. From an early age he was in delicate health, having suffered through meningitis, rheumatoid arthritis, scarletRead More →

There are some doubts about the name for this artist, some say these drawings were illustrated by Judie Delcourt, others mention the name Gaggleman. The time area of the artworks was first to believed being around 1938 but it could very well be from around 1950. One thing is clearRead More →

Montorgueil was a FemDom artist

Prev 1of6 Next ~ ca 1920 ~ Bernard Montorgueil was the pseudonym of a French BDSM and spanking artist and author of short stories whose works were originally written and published in the 1920s and 1930s (though not much is known about these original versions). Most of his work hasRead More →

Swiss Jim was a FemDom Artist

Prev 1of7 Next ~ date of birth unknown ~ Pseudonym for a Swiss/French Artist, referred to as ‘Swiss Jim’ He also used the pseudonym Gil. There is nearly nothing known for this artist, a collector knew he was originally from Geneva and died during a holiday trip in 1964. HisRead More →

Prev 1of10 Next ~ 1881 – 1961 ~ Cheri Herouard was a French artist and illustrator of numerous erotica and spanking novels. He used the pseudonym Herric when he illustrated spanking novels for various French publishing houses, such as Jean Fort’s Collection des Orties Blanches. Chéri Hérouard was born asRead More →

Roland Brevannes is well known for his forced femdom and chross dressing artworks

Prev 1of11 Next ~ 1872-1968 ~ Paul Guérard was a French author and artist and one of the major contributors to early 20th century French spanking literature. Between 1903 and 1939 he wrote, illustrated and published about 100 erotic fetish novels in French, mostly of flagellation themes. He used theRead More →