Reorganized Gaggleman

Something that took me many hours to work out. Organizing the artworks from Gert Gaggleman (also known with the name Judie Delcourt).
Not only did I reorganize the albums but I could also add more artworks that had not been uploaded before. So now the page for Gaggleman contains 16 albums with 162 artworks.
The reason why I decided to sort out all the artworks again was the fact that I discovered more bdsm elements then the enema Gaggleman is known for. There is a little bit spanking, bondage and spanking art to discover as well. Some artworks are left out, as much as I understand the fact that erotic fantasies have no limits and artists follow these fantasies. I try to avoid uploading art with young children, this makes it challenging for this artist since the male subjects are portraited as boys. Please keep in mind that back in the days boys were considered grown up around 15/16 years old.
Art I also avoid uploading includes sex with animals. The artist did a few drawing for this subject, you won’t find them on my site.
Please view a free preview below, on the artist page you can view an overview for all galleries to get an idea of what is in the members section.




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  1. Patrick Kobolt says:

    Gaggleman, I like it!

  2. Karen says:

    Glad to hear this. I have spent a lot of time putting this collection online.

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