Planned maintenance

Some of you may have noticed the site being down for a few days. It turns out I am running out of resources to present the enormous collection to members and allow visitors to get an impression of this site. I always knew one day this point would be reached but I had hoped it would take some more time.

What does it mean? I have no other option than to upgrade my hosting plan and this means double (!) the costs as I have at the moment. This does have an impact on the prices for memberships since I do need to cover hosting costs to make sure this site stays online and can be loaded without problems.
Over the next days my site will be relocated to a new server and I expect the site being down for some time. Of course paying members can contact me to prolong their membership for lost days, I am more then happy to help you with this. Just drop me a note when you were unable to view content over the last days (or perhaps in the coming days). My host can’t tell me when exactly they will migrate my site, for the time being the site remains online but please be aware that it is possible the site will be offline for a few hours (hopefully).

I am counting on my members to be a little patient, I understand it is not nice when one can’t reach a favorite site and I will do my best to make sure the downtime will be short. Those of you who carry a warm heart to this site are always welcome to make a donation of your choice, I will reinstate the donate button, for the time being you can use this link.

And thank you so very much to all the fans of my site for the kind and warm words and support I received since I wrote this.

4 thoughts on “Planned maintenance

  1. I think your site is terrific and I look forward to continuing to be a member. I hope you’ll send out a new post as soon as you’re back up and running so I can make sure that I can still visit. Thank you!

  2. Sent you a small sum, Karen. Hope that wil help!
    And wish all the friends, arts lover, will join to help you in this invaluable work!

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