Mystery on Bernard Montorgueil’s Art

There is a sort of mystery around the art of Bernard Montorgueil, who’s art was published in ‘Dressage’ in the 1980s for the general public. The art seems to be much older but perhaps the art was recreated inspired by older art of a different artist who remains unknown. I stumbled upon this artwork (on the left) with a dated signature from 1931. Some say this could be a copy from Montorgueil’s art, I believe it is the other way around. I have a lot of sketches added in my collection for Montorguil  these throw up some questions as well. Were they created as a base for the final artworks? Are they just copies made by someone else?

I tried to combine some images to give you an impression of the differences in art, like in this first one. The art on the left with a signature dated 1931, artist name K. Wesley (or R. Wesley), in the middle a sketch from Montorgueil and on the right a colored version. Today I came across a watercolor artwork that fits these three, but this one is signed Bernard Montorgueil.

Members can view these artworks in large format without watermark.












In these three the sketch is the most different but this could very well be done later by a different artist who was inspired by the art.

Bacchus mentioned already on eros blog a perhaps original manuscript that was sold via Cristies in 2014, in later editions part of the illustration from the Cristies auction were cropped. Notice also that on the left there was little color used, a later editon was without color and then there is the full color version.

The something that bothers me in the image below. On the left the female is wearing shoes, on the right she is wearing boots…perhaps not even worth thinking about but I noticed this small change in a setting, same cage, same blonde guy, same lady but why suddenly she is wearing boots?

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