~ First published in 1906

Mémoires d'un Flagellant de Marque was published in 1906, written by Roland Brevannes, also written by Brevannes was Le Tour du monde d'un flagellant (as well in 1906).
The first book was illustrated by Leon Roze, the second book was illustrated by Brevannes himself using his artist pseudonym Tack. Le Tour du monde d'un flagellant is the very first title issued in the numbered series from Baron de M*** Flagellant de Marque.

Followed by Mémoires d'un Flagellant de Marque (1906), Le Repaire souterrain, aventures de deux flagellants (1907), Les Mille et Une Nuits d'un flagellant (1907), Cinquante ans de flagellation (1908), and Le Père Fouettard, final personal journal from Baron de M*** (1908).

I am sure it will be a challenge but on this page I am trying to share all the art connected to these publications. So far I have art by Leon Roze, who illustrated Mémoires d'un Flagellant de Marque (1906) and one gallery with art from Brevannes himself (using the name Tack).

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