Illustrated Books

When searching for new artists to add to my collection I come across many illustrated books with rare bdsm artworks. For some books the illustrator could not (yet) be determined, sometimes a name was provided but no info could be found for that name. Some books were published by various publishers with images from different illustrators, for these you will be lead to a page with all the available artworks from all artists known to have illustrated the particular book. To view those follow the index below. To view all other illustrated books view the gallery at the bottom (premium members only)

Book Index
Les Malheurs de Colette -1914
Bas de Soie - 1909
Dolly Morton - 1899
L'Avatar de Lucette - 1913
L'Homme Chien - 1906
Le Fouet Conjugal - 1908
Le Pensionnat du Fouet - 1909
Lise Fessée - 1910
Mysteries of the Verbena House - 1881
Memoires dun flagellant de-marque - 1906- 1908, this is a serie of tales
Education Anglaise - 1908
Esclavage, ou, L’agonie sous le fouet - 1934

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