L’écrin du rubis ou les Délices

~ First published in 1932

L'écrin du rubis ou les Délices is a book about spanking. It was written by Liane de Lauris, pseudonyme from G. Donville. The first edition was illustrated by P. Silex.
In 1939 another edition was published with art from Cheri Herouard.
Another work, published under the title Confidences égarées, belonged to the original manuscript of L'Écrin du rubis and was published by Jean Fort, in 1932 with art by Daniel Girard.

  • Album 1 L'écrin du rubis ou les Délices by P. Silex (1932)
  • Album 2 Confidences égarées by Daniel Girard
  • Album 3 L'écrin du rubis ou les Délices by Cheri Herouard (1939)

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