The Romance of Chastisement (1866)

~ First published in 1866

The Romance of Chastisement is a Victorian pornographic collection on the theme of flagellation by George H. Stock (this is probably a pseudonym, also credited with The Whippingham Papers) It was published by William Dugdale in London in 1866 and reprinted by John Camden Hotten c. 1871 and by William Lazenby in 1883.

In 1902 it was reprinted by Charles Carrington as The Magnetism of the Rod or the Revelations of Miss Darcy. In the same year Carrington also published a French translation by Jean de Villiot (Hugues Rebell, real name George Grassal) under the title Le Magnétisme du Fouet, ou les Indiscrétions de Miss Darcy. Artworks for this issue were done by William Adolphe Lambrecht.

In 1993 a modern reprint was made by Delectus Books, 1993

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