Les Confidences d’un Baronnet

~ First published in 1929

Les Confidences d'un baronnet (Lady Buttock) is a French spanking novel by A. W. Flogger (pseudonym). It is the first part of the Suite des Confidences d’un Baronnet, with the second part Poker de Dames. It was first published in 1929 by Collection des Orties Blanches.

The 306-page novel was illustrated with photogravures by Jim Black (Luc Lafnet). The book claims that the original manuscript on which this novel is based and from which it was translated was known as Flogger papers, co-authored by Lady Buttock. There are however no manuscripts found to confirm this.

What makes it interesting is that I found two different sets of illustrations. The art by Luc Lafnet shows males spanking females, the unkown artist reveals a femdom touch to the same story (in the art). To make the page complete I have also attached the art for Poker de Dames, which comes in two versions. One published in 1929 and one in 1930, some artworks differ in these albums.

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