Le Jardin des supplices

~ First published in 1899

The book Le Jardin des supplices (Garden of Torture) is a novel written by the French journalist, novelist and playwright Octave Mirbeau, and was first published in 1899 during the Dreyfus affair. The novel is dedicated: "To the priests, the soldiers, the judges, to those people who educate, instruct and govern men, I dedicate these pages of Murder and Blood."

It was translated into Spanish in 1900, into English in 1903 and a Italian translation was published in 1917. Of course this site does focus on art, so I tried to see if multiple artists illustrated for this book.
Artist that illustrated:

  • Auguste Rodin (1840 - 1917) in 1902
  • Raphaël Freida (1877-1942) in 1927
  • Edouard Leon Louis Warschansky (1892 - 1970) aka Edy Legrand in 1935
  • Pierre Leroy (1880 - 1950) in 1945

Not all artists are included, either because the art was not bdsm related or truly cruel (like the art from Freida) which I did not want to share. However the history about this book feels related to bdsm art, so I am trying to find some balance here. There is one album included from an unknown artist, year of publication is unknown as well.

  • Album 1 - Edy Legrand (1935)
  • Album 2 - Pierre Leroy (1945)
  • Album 3 - Unknown
  • Album 4 - Mixed

4 albums/23 artworks

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