Le Fouet Dominateur

~ First published in 1909

The book Le Fouet dominateur ou L'École des vierges, suivi de La Voleuse fouettée, conte vécu was written by Aimé van Rod and published by Édition Parisienne (Roberts & Dardaillon) in 1909. This book holds 10 artworks by Lewis Bald (I was only able to find a few). The cover was done by M. del Giglio
The book was reissued as "Le Dominateur, ou l'École des vierges" by Librairie Artistique et Parisienne [Paul Brenet] in 1933 with illustrations by Carlo.

I also found colored versions from the art done by Carlo, I can't tell for which publication these were used.

3 albums/30 artworks

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