Some books were published by various publishers with images from different illustrators, for these you will be lead to a page with all the available artworks from all artists known to have illustrated the particular book. I also add rare books to this index. You can view all books via the tag Illustrated Books, don’t forget to view the special gallery as well. Here you find books for which I was unable to find any other info then the title and sometimes year they were published.

Below you can see an index for the books I attached to a page.

Les Malheurs de Colette – 2 albums/14 artworks
Bas de Soie – 3 albums/17 artworks
Dolly Morton – 3 albums/30 artworks
L’Avatar de Lucette – 2 albums/13 artworks
L’Homme Chien – 3 albums/17 artworks
Le Fouet Conjugal – 2 albums/18 artworks
Le Pensionnat du Fouet – 2 albums/24 artworks
Lise Fessée – 2 albums/11 artworks
Mysteries of the Verbena House – 2 albums/13 artworks
Memoires dun flagellant de-marque – 2 albums/12 artworks
Education Anglaise – 2 albums/15 artworks
Esclavage – 2 albums/27 artworks
Confidences dún Baronnet – 3 albums/30 artworks
Le Precepteur – 2 albums/15 artworks
Le Fouet – 2 albums/15 artworks
The Romance of Chastity – 2 albums/9 artworks
Joupes Courtes  – 2 albums/10 artworks
Miss Cravache – 4 albums/24 artworks
Memoires d’une Fouettée – 3 albums/30 artworks