Gigi Amaldi

~ date of birth unknown

The artist using the name Gigi Amaldi was most likely an Italiant immigrant who moved to Argentina around 1940. There are nearly no artworks known from this artist, but there is this mysterious album titled La Verdadera Historia de la Humanidad. It shows art created somewhere between the 1930/40's. In this time it was common for wealthy landowners and gentlemen oif leisure to throw huge parties that frequently turned into orgies. Amaldi was a personal friend of one of those gentlemen and drew the scenes and gave them to the parties attendees. Some of the scenes that Amaldi drew show a lot of resemblance with art from André Collot.

It turned out I already had 8 artworks stored in the anonymous bdsm gallery (one is still shown in the topbanner) and it is also nice when puzzles like this get solved in time.

1 album/16 artworks

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