A complete reprint of all issues of “Exotique” in a three-volume set, this collection of erotic photographs and sketches also includes the original magazine covers and risque stories, which accompanied the photographs.

This is, quite simply, an absolutely essential item for anyone interested in sexualised fashion. “Exotique”, as one of the leading magazines of the 1950’s New York underground fetish fashion scene (closely associated with BDSM – and it’s remarkable how little the contours of BDSM fashion have changed over the last half-century) presented in each issue a bumper crop of images and stories having to do with eroticised fashion accessories such as stockings, high-heeled shoes, boots, long gloves, and corsets. The item at hand presents a reprint of the first 36 issues of Exotique, running from 1951 to 1959.

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