Enema art is a term used to describe art with an enema theme.

Enemas are usually given for a curative purpose, but it is reported that because of their unpleasant and humiliating nature, enemas were sometimes also given to children as a form of punishment in the late 1800s and early 1900s. In art enema seems to have had more a erotic theme, same as spanking as discipline was something that arouse those who enjoyed the art.
Some people sexually enjoy giving or getting enemas, either for fetish pleasure (called klismaphilia) or for punishment in spanking and/or BDSM roleplay. It is not uncommon for BDSM studios to offer professional enema services. Therefore, it’s not surprising that there also exists a genre of erotic enema art which is often combined with spanking art, BDSM art, and/or fetish art.

While most spanking artists don’t do enema art, for those artists and authors who include enema art and/or enema-related stories in their oeuvre, it was quite common to also do spanking art. However the enema artworks are devided amongst those books so very hard to select and present on their own. At this page I will try to present enema as single art, or refer to artists who created a lot of enema art to make it more easy for you to browse this theme on my site. I do encourage you to browse my site to discover more since many artists just drew one or two enema artworks included in illustrations they did for a book and those are not all shared here.
Enjoy this special page, it took a lot of time to built it.


Enema by Gaggleman

Enema Artists

Artists in the above albums:

Paul Kamm, P. Beloti, M. Gaal, Richard Hegemann, Luc LafnetCheri HerouardHelga Bode. The art in the mixed album is from Louis Malteste, J.X Dumoulin, Eugene Reunier