Copycat or practice

Sometimes I can’t let go of a little seed that was planted in my head. Like art from an anonymous artist, somehow it looked familiar. I searched my site but could not find it, I felt it did also look a lot like the photos from Biederer Studio and Diana Slip Lingerie but could not really find something there as well.
Tonight I found it, the artworks were created for the book La Princesse Sonia, illustrated by Kurtys.
The anonymous sketches are stored in this gallery. If you like puzzles like this, see my other post as well.
I have created a small gallery for you with the artworks, it could be they are from the same artist, could also be someone was inspired and tried to copy the art.
* a day later I discovered a sketch with some text so I decided to add this one as well. I don’t know if the text is from the book La Princesse Sonia, anyone who could help me out here?
(if you are not a member yet and you can provide more info I will grant two months access for free 🙂

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