~ First published 1908 The edition from 1908 holds a cover that was done by Martin van Maele.The 1925/1908 edition has illustrations by Charles Hirlemann and M. del Giglio. The cover for this edition (?) was done by Hirlemann. There is a bit confusing about the details. Pay attention toRead More →

~ First published in 1912 Les Humiliations de Miss Madge was written by Aimé van Rod. The first publication in 1912 with 8 illustrations by C. Helsey and 1 cover art by M. del Giglio.In 1923 the book was published again, this time with 6 artworks from Gaston Smit, andRead More →

The book Un petit trottin ou La Passion d’Yvette was brought to my attention as illustrated by Edouard Bernard. Recently I came across different artworks, that are also mentioned as being from Bernard (seeing the differences in style of art I have my doubts however). I decided to create aRead More →

~ First published in 1909 This book was published for the first time in 1909 with art from M. del Giglio. In 1921 it was published again with art done by Gaston Smit, in 1925 and 1932 it was published again with art by Charles Hirlemann. So far I onlyRead More →

~ First published in 1909 Mémoires d’une Fouettée was written by Aimé van Rod and published in 1909 with 10 artworks by M. Del Giglio. In 1924 the book was published with art from Gaston Smit, using one of his pseudonymes James Barclay. The information concerning the illustrations is contradictory:Read More →

~ First published in 1932 Miss Cravache ou Les Vierges Esclaves was published in 1932 with art from 3 different artists: Gaston Smit, Jean de la Beugue (also the writer) and Ely Costes. Album 1 by Ely Costes Album 2 by Jean de la Beugue Album 3 no signature AlbumRead More →

~ First published ca 1930 Jupes courtes avec une suite de lettres curieuses was published around 1930. Illustrators who were named for this book are G. Whips, Édouard Bernard, George Coutan and anonymous artists. So far I managed to find the art done by G. Whips and from an anonymousRead More →

Some books were published by various publishers with images from different illustrators, for these you will be lead to a page with all the available artworks from all artists known to have illustrated the particular book. I also add rare books to this index. You can view all books viaRead More →

The first publication for this book was in 1905 with artworks from RM (the cover), sn and Gaston Noury for the other illustrations. I was unable to find art in good quality (and without ugly watermarks) from Gaston Noury. I did find however a few artworks that made it worthwhile to create thisRead More →

~ First published in 1866 The Romance of Chastisement is a Victorian pornographic collection on the theme of flagellation by George H. Stock (this is probably a pseudonym, also credited with The Whippingham Papers) It was published by William Dugdale in London in 1866 and reprinted by John Camden HottenRead More →

~ First published in 1914 What makes this book stand out is that different names appear as an artist, some could be the same one under a different name. The book was published in 1914 with art from Gaston Noury, in 1928 it was published again with the title LaRead More →

Lenchen im Zuchthause was published for the first time in 1840, 1900 for the English translation. I was unable to trace artwork for that edition. The book was translated to French as La Flagellation des femmes en Allemagne. Récit authentique d’une prisonnière, in 1901 with 20 illustrations from Martin VanRead More →

~First published in 1914 The first version from Le Precepteur was illustrated by J.R and published in 1914 and then in 1923 it was published with illustrations from Gaston Smit. Album 1 by J.R (1914) Album 2 by Gaston Smit (1923) Content Restricted Sorry, you need to be logged inRead More →

~ First published in 1929 Les Confidences d’un baronnet (Lady Buttock) is a French spanking novel by A. W. Flogger (pseudonym). It is the first part of the Suite des Confidences d’un Baronnet, with the second part Poker de Dames. It was first published in 1929 by Collection des OrtiesRead More →

~ First published in 1934 Esclavage, ou, L’agonie sous le fouet was first published in 1934, by Librairie Générale. Many illustrations are done by Carlo, but there are also some illustrations from G.Topfer and J.B (Jean de La Beuque). That is why I decided to share the book here asRead More →

~ First published in 1908 Éducation anglaise is a French spanking novel by Lord Kidrodstock and features forced cross-dressing, tightlacing, high-heeled boots, deportment training and flagellation at an English boarding school. The title translates to “(An) English Education”. Éducation anglaise was first published in 1908 by Édition Parisienne, with 10Read More →

~ First published in 1906 Mémoires d’un Flagellant de Marque was published in 1906, written by Roland Brevannes, also written by Brevannes was Le Tour du monde d’un flagellant (as well in 1906). The first book was illustrated by Leon Roze, the second book was illustrated by Brevannes himself usingRead More →

  ~ First published in 1914 Les Malheurs de Colette is a spanking novel by Aimé Van Rod. It was first published in 1914 by Librairie Artistique et Édition Parisienne Réunies. There is also a 1928 edition by Édition Parisienne which was illustrated by Georges Topfer and has a coverRead More →

~ First published in 1908 Originally published in French in 1908, with illustrations from M. del Giglio. The book was written by Aimé van Rod, a writers collective. In 1930 it was republished with images from Georges Topfer. One item with the same title was published by the Artistic LibraryRead More →

~ First published in 1913 L’ Avatar de Lucette was written by James Lovebirch and published for the first time in 1913 by Librairie Artistique et Édition Parisienne réunies and republished in 1925. It was illustrated by Lewis Bald but also by Gaston Smit. It’s mentioned that the art fromRead More →