Helga Bode was German spanking artist who drew for her therapist

Free Preview ~ Date of birth unknown Helga Bode, as far as can be gathered, was a female german artist who created a lot of spanking art (drawings and watercolor paintings) in the 1920s. Besides spanking and related corporal punishment scenes, she also drew enema and bottom fetish scenes. HerRead More →

Bilbrew was a fetish artist and cartoonist

Free Preview Prev 1of10 Next ~ 1923 – 1974 ~ Gene Bilbrew was an American cartoonist and fetish artist working mainly in the genres of femdom and bondage. In addition tosigning his work with his own name, he drew under a range of pseudonyms, including Eneg (“Gene” spelled backwards), VanRead More →

Edouard Bernard was a spanking illustrator

Prev 1of3 Next ~ 1879 – 1950 ~ Édouard Bernard (also spelled Edouard Bernard) was a French spanking artist who illustrated spanking novels c. 1920. It is not sure if he is the same artist whose full name was Édouard Alexandre Bernard and who lived 1879-1950. After the War BernardRead More →

P. Beloti was a spanking artist and author.

Prev 1of4 Next ~ date of birth unknown ~ P. Beloti was a (probably French) spanking artist and author. His artwork, dated from the 1930s, is mainly M/F. He was quite good at imitating the style of other artists such as Louis Malteste or Luc Lafnet. Beloti illustrated Jacinthe ouRead More →

Paul Emile Becat was a erotic artist

Prev 1of5 Next   ~ 1885 – 1960 ~ Paul-Emile Becat was a French painter, printmaker and engraver, and was awarded first prize in the Prix de Rome in 1920. He was a student of Gabriel Ferrier and François Flameng and exhibitioned at the Salon de Paris in 1913. ReturningRead More →

Prev 1of5 Next ~ 1872 – 1898 ~ Aubrey Beardsley was an English illustrator and author. His drawings in black ink, influenced by the style of Japanese woodcuts, emphasized the grotesque, the decadent, and the erotic. He was a leading figure in the Aesthetic movement which also included Oscar WildeRead More →

von Bayros created erotic portfolios

  Prev 1of8 Next ~ 1866 – 1924 ~ Marquis Franz von Bayros was born in Zagreb in 1866, as the son of a Spanish nobleman One of his erotic portfolios, ‘Erzahlungen vom Toilettentisch’ (‘Tales from the Dressing Table’), caused a courtcase and made Von Bayros famous. In 1911, theRead More →

Bal_Tit illustrated spanking novels

Prev 1of3 Next ~ Date of birth unknown The only book known that was illustrated by this artist is Le Joug Seducteur, written by Rene Michel Desergy and published in 1938 by Imprimerie de Saint-Denis Dagniaux. 1 album/11 artworks Content Restricted Sorry, you need to be logged in to viewRead More →

Erotic artist who created some spanking artworks

Prev 1of1 Next ~ 1860 – 1917 ~ Paul Balluriau was a French artist from the Montmartre. He illustrated posters and contributed to magazines like Gil Blas Illustré, Le Rire and La Semaine Suzette. Paul Balluriau was born in Houllins, on the outskirts of Lyon. He studied under Paul Saïn.Read More →

Lewis Bald was an illustrator of French spanking stories.

Prev 1of4 Next ~ Date of birth unknown ~ Lewis Bald was an illustrator of French spanking stories. Between 1909 and 1910 he illustrated various works for Aimé van Rod, such as: – Le Fouet dominateur (1909) – Les Mystères du fouet (1909) – Les Vierges fouettées (1909) – LaRead More →

Malteste illustrated spanking and erotic novels

Prev 1of11 Next ~ 1862 – 1928 ~ Louis Malteste was born in Chartes (Eure-et-Loir) and died in Paris. He was an author, lithographeur and illustrator. He was de brother from Henri Théodore Malteste according to Malatesta (1870-1920). He went to Paris where he exhibit in 1897 at Salon desRead More →

Jean MacOrlan was a spanking novelist and artist

Prev 1of4 Next ~ 1882-1970 ~ Jean Macorlan was a French novelist and songwriter. Jean Macorlan is presumably an alias for Pierre Dumarchey, who was better known under the pseudonym Pierre Mac Orlan. It is also possible that this name was given to Pierre his brother: Jean Dumarchay. Jean toldRead More →