Gottfried Sieben

~ 1856 – 1918 ~

Gottfried Sieben was born on may 16th 1856 in Stockerau
He used the Pseudonym Archibald Smith, he was an Austrian painter, author and illustrator for many newspaper, magazines and erotic. One colored illustrations were mostly distributed by Gustav Grimm Budapest.

He was student at the Vienna Acadamy, from 1880 illustrator at the satiric weekly magazine Floh and after that at the Vienna Caricaturen. From 1881 his works were shown in illustrated newspapers.
In 1888 he traveled to Russia and Kaukasia, he was employe for several magazines and Newspapers, such as Wiener Tageblattes, der Eleganten Welt and Tritsch-Tratsch.

In 1909 he painted a serie of twelve litographs showing Turkish soldiers in the act of gang raping and killing woman. These artworks are raw and explicit and not suitable for all audiences, they do have a strong historical value that is why I decided to share them here.

Balkangruel, published in 1909