Victor Spahn

Victor Spahn illustrated French femdom flagellant novels published by Jean Fort in the era of early 20th century French spanking literature. Some confuse him with the modern French artist with the same name (born in 1949).

Victor Spahn illustrated the following works:

- Volupté Excentrique by Victor Leca (1908)
- La Fessade by Victor Leca (1909)
- Les Batteuses d'hommes by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch (1905/1909 for the French translation)

He is probably also the illustrator of a number of works by Docteur Jaf, a pseudonym of Jean Fauconney.
It was really difficult to find enough images (of acceptable quality) to show here.
He also did a cover for Comtesse au Fouet, I could not find out if he did more artworks for this book.

4 albums/17 artworks

Victor Spahn

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