Paul Guérard

~ 1872-1968 ~

Paul Guérard was a French author and artist and one of the major contributors to early 20th century French spanking literature. Between 1903 and 1939 he wrote, illustrated and published about 100 erotic fetish novels in French, mostly of flagellation themes. He used the pseudonyms Don Brennus Aléra (an anagram of Roland Brévannes if the letter v is converted to a u) and Bernard Valonnes (also an anagram of Roland Brévannes if the letter é is converted to an e), he also used the names Jean d'Agerur, le Doctor Brennus, Don Brennus de Mellum and Pierrot.
He is also believed to be the man behind the illustrator names Tack, Esbey and Selby, the artist who illustrated as Mati for the book Fridoline, histoire véridique d'un jeune homme devenu actrice (published in 1926), it is  a volume 10 from the series “Collection spéciale pour amateurs”, privately published.

Most of his works after 1906 were published by Select Bibliothèque in Massy (Seine-et-Oise) from 1906 to 1908 and then in Sceaux (Seine).
It is not unlikely that the author and artist who used so many pseudonyms might have also been the publisher. Brévannes (as Aléra) is perhaps best known for his long-running series of femdom novels beginning with Fred: The True History of a Boy Raised as a Girl (1913), a classic story of male humiliation via forced cross-dressing.
This was followed by the sequels Frédérique (1921), Frida (1924), Fridoline (1926), and Lina Frido (1927).
The books tell the story of Fred de Montignac, raised by a dominating aunt as a young lady, whom she calls Frédérique. She forces him to wear girl's clothing and even pierces his ears — see petticoat punishment for more on this topic. Le Dressage de la Maid-Esclave (1930) offers an early study on pony play — animal roleplaying with women turned into cart-pulling slaves.

15 albums/145 artworks

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