René Lelonge

~ 1871 - 1933 ~

René Lelonge was a French illustrator and painter. He joined the Salon des Artistes Francais in 1898.

He has produced posters and illustrated many books and articles, including the Nelson collection or magazines I know everything , L'Illustration and Femina 4 .

He was a professor at the Academy Julian in 1879-1891

Why is he presented at my website? He was illustrator for the book Étude sur la flagellation à travers le monde, au point de vue médical, historique et religieux, domestique et conjugal avec un exposé documentaire de la flagellation dans les écoles anglaises et les prisons militaires. This book was published in 1899 with title Flagellation in France from a Medical and Hisstorical Standpoint and translated to French and published by Charles Carrington in 1899. The second edition Flagellation in France was published with title Curious Cases of Flagellation in France in 1901 (also by Charles Carrington).

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