Pierre Guénolé

Pierre Guénolé was a French publisher, author and illustrator of spanking novels in the early 20th century. He was one of the pioneers of the "golden age" of early 20th century French spanking literature.

There is also the pseudo-scientific book Tender Bottoms. A Psycho-sexual Study in Morals Based on Personal Experiences and Documentary Evidence by "Doctor Pierre Guenolés" (1934, 180 pages). The illustrations are unsigned and from various sources. Sometimes it is difficult to trace if a book was written or illustrated by Pierre Guénolé.

Books he worked on (writing and/or illustrating)

  • Le Cinglant argument (1900, preface by Pierre Guénolé)
  • L'Étrange passion. La Flagellation dans les moeurs d'aujourd'hui. Études et documents (1904)
  • Brins de verges (1908, preface by Pierre Guénolé)
  • Anecdotes intimes sur la flagellation (1908-1909, preface by Pierre Guénolé)
  • u rouge vif (1909, preface by Pierre Guénolé)
  • Strange Passion, A Flagellation (c. 1910, translation of L'Étrange passion)

3 albums/28 artworks

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