O. Ridrik

Another artist who remains a mystery. Signing the artworks with O. Ridrik (or Ridrick) this name is also connected to signature Y.Vanoff. If this is the same artist I am not sure about.
To find art from this artist is very challenging, so far I found 23 and was unable to connect them all to published books.

Books published

  • Esclaves Malgré Elles ou Les Captives Domptées (1933) with signature O. Ridrick (14 artworks)
  • L'Infernale volupté ou Les Frénésies amoureuses (1934) with signature O. Ridrick (16 artworks)
  • Étranges Humiliations ou Confidences et Confessions (1934) with signature Y. Vanoff (8 artworks)

4 albums/23 artworks

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