Martin van Maele

~ 1863 - 1926 ~Maurice François Alfred Martin van Miële was born 12 octobre 1863 in Boulogne sur Seine, he used the alias Martin van Maele (which also could be written as van Maële) and A van Troizem. He illustrated for Authors such as Charles Carrington and Jean Fort.

He worked at Brussels as well as Paris, and his best known work – consisting among other things of an illustrated edition of Paul Verlaine's poems – was published in small, secretive editions by publisher Charles Carrington.

The prints are considered both humoristic and satirical, sometimes cynical. Van Maële's career is said to have really begun with his illustrations for H. G. Wells in Les Premiers Hommes dans la Lune (or The First Men in the Moon), published by Felix Juven in 1901. The title later became the classic 1902 sci-fi silent film called Le Voyage Dans La Lune, produced by Georges Méliès. Van Maële also illustrated Anatole France's Thais, published by Charles Carrington, also in 1901. The following year, and occasionally thereafter, van Maële worked as an illustrator for the Felix Juven's French translations of the Sherlock Holmes series.
He is widely renowned and mostly remembered for his erotic illustrations.

Lenchen im Zuchthause ( Nell in Bridewell) was first published in 1840, the English translation in 1900.

12 albums/177 artworks

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