M. del Giglio

~ Date of birth unknown ~

M del Giglio was an illustrator who created M/F spanking drawings in the early 1900s. Interestingly, he seems to have avoided drawing bare bottoms, there is always a bit of clothing covering at least half of the spankee's nates and leaving the rest to the viewer' imagination.

M. del Giglio illustrated the following spanking novels by Aimé Van Rod:
- Nouveaux contes du fouet, published in 1907
- Domptées par le fouet, published in 1908 (and again in 1925 with art by M. del Giglio and Charles Hirlemann)
- Mémoires d'une fouettée, published in 1908
- La Revanche du Mormon : mœurs américaines, fouet, bizarreries d'amour, published in 1908
- Le Fouet Conjugal, published in 1908
- Le Pensionnat du Fouet, published in 1909
- La Maison des Supplices, published in 1909
- La Terreur du Fouet, published in 1909
- La Philosophie du fouet, published in 1909
- Éducation anglaise (1908)

* Note
I found a few artworks that seem to belong to Domptées par le fouet, I noticed they are not all the same as the ones I had stored for the 1925 album. Perhaps the ones I found belong to a 1908 edition. I am not sure.

9 albums/77 artworks

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