Leon Roze

~ Date of birth unknown ~

Léon Roze was a French spanking artist who worked in the 1900s and 1910s. He illustrated for Imagerie D'Epinal and Imagerie Pellerin, among others, and created F/F and M/F spanking art illustrations for spanking novels by various French authors.
He worked also as an early comics artist in Fillette, published by Offenstadt.

He illustrated many books such as:
- Le Fouet voyage (1908)
- Lubricité. Amour et flagellation, passions, manies, aberrations, notes, souvenirs et observations d'un Montmartrois baladeur (1909)
- Les Cythéréennes (1903)
- Mémoires d'un Flagellant de Marque (1906)
- Nouveaux contes du fouet (1907)
- Coups de fouet (1908)

6 albums/43 artworks

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