Georges Barbier

~ 1882–1932 ~

Georges Augustin Barbier was one of the great French illustrators of the early 20th century.

Barbier was 29 years old when he mounted his first exhibition in 1911 and was subsequently swept to the forefront of his profession with commissions to design theatre and ballet costumes, to illustrate books, and to produce haute couturefashion illustrations. For the next 20 years Barbier led a group from the Ecole des Beaux Arts who were nicknamed by Vogue "The Knights of the Bracelet"—a tribute to their fashionable and flamboyant mannerisms and style of dress.

In the mid-1920s he worked with Erté to design sets and costumes for the Folies Bergère and in 1929 he wrote the introduction for Erté's acclaimed exhibition and achieved mainstream popularity through his regular appearances in L'Illustration magazine. Barbier died in 1932 at the very pinnacle of his success.

At first sight you would probably not connect his work to early fetish art, but look closer. There are some subtile elements present that could very well fit in this theme. Of course the art was not created for this purpose, but when looking at from a different perspective one might very well see some bdsm elements. I devided the art into various albums, one with the FemDom dynamics, one with strong Female presence and submissive female following, a mixed album and a view very nice covers.

4 albums/27 artworks

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