Gaston Noury

~ 1866 - ? ~

Gaston Noury was a French artist, painter, poster artist, illustrator, cartoonist and theatrical costume designer, working in Le Havre and Paris, where he settled around 1889. His prolific output covered a wide variety of subjects and his images were used for posters, books, postcards, songbooks, genre scenes and fashion plates.

He illustrated various magazines such as La Chronique Parisienne, Saint-Nicolas, Gil Blas illustré, Journal amusant (1889-1890), Sans Gene and Les Hommes d'aujourd'hui. Noury also created posters, postcards and illustrations for erotic books, including spanking novels in the period of early 20th century French spanking literature.
Noury designed costumes for the Moulin Rouge and Ambassadeurs Cabaret in the Montmartre district. Most of these costume drawings are dated 1910. The costumes are both childishly innocent and provocative - floral designs and fabrics with seductive cutouts showing legs, midriff, cleavage and sometimes bare breasts. The drawings combine pencil and watercolour washes, portraying young women with stylized faces and delicate hands and feet.

The date of his death is unknown.

Books illustrated by Noury

  • Nouvelles galantes d'un évêque d'Agen (1904)
  • Le Masochisme en Amérique (1905)
  • Tableau de l'amour charnel (1911)
  • Les Cinglades passionnées (1911)
  • Les Cinglades mortelles (1912)
  • Le Fouet (Roman cinglant) (1914)
  • Fouetteurs & fouettés (1908 or 1925)
  • Maison de rendez-vous (1925)
  • La Voluptueuse Souffrance  (1925)
  • some covers from books illustrated by Gaston Noury were done by M. Jacquette.

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10 albums/67 artworks

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