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The artworks from this artist seem to be connected to an artist using the pseudonym Gaggleman, but also I found connections to the name Judie (or Julie) Delcourt.

The time area of the artworks was first to believed being around 1938 but it could very well be from around 1950. There are some simularities with the artworks of Richard Hegemann, and some artworks were signed with the name Julie Delcourt. So this artist could be a male as well as female, it's hard to tell.

Personally I think chances are the artist was male considering the enormous amount of FemDom artworks I found depicting adult females guiding en dominating young boys. Ofcourse it is very well possible the drawings found their way in the fantasies of a woman thinking about dominating young boys. Anyway this artist has left a very interesting collection artworks, most in watercolor. I hope you enjoy this very large collection.
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