G. Whips

~ Date of birth unknown ~

G. Whips, sometimes written G. Whip, also known under the name W. Floger, was a (probably French) artist who worked as an illustrator of French spanking novels in the 1920s and 1930s. One should not confuse this artist with Édouard Bernard whose illustrations, made before 1920, were reprinted in later issues that also featured G. Whips’s works (e.g. in a reprint of Jupes Courtes from c. 1935).

Some of the books he illustrated:
– Les Amies de Lady Chattieley by Georges de Chanrosay, publlished in 1935
– L’Homme à la cravache by Georges de Chanrosay, published in 1935
– Jupes Courtes by Georges de Chanrosay, published in 1920 (unsure)
– Les Mémoires intimes d’une Esclave by Marguerite Belly published around c. 1930