Fernand Louis Gottlob

~ 1873 - 1935 ~

Fernand-Louis Gottlob was a French graphic artist whose caricatures appeared in many humorous magazines.
He was born in Paris in 1873 He was a student of Jobbe-Duval, Laporte and G. Fuchs. He worked as a portraitist, graphic artist, and book illustrator during the period of the Belle Epoque.

In 1891 he began to exhibit at the official Salons and by 1897 he worked as a caricaturist for illustrated papers in Paris, including "Le Rire", "Sourire", and "Le Journal Amusant".

In addition to portraits he painted cityscapes of Paris and landscapes of Normandy and Brittany. His work was first published in L'Assiette au Beurre in the second issue, on 11 April 1901.

He became a member of the Cornet Society in 1904, and between then and his death in 1931 designed twelve menus for the society.

He also illustrated La Flagellation Passionelle with some very interesting spanking illustration.

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