It is mentioned that E. Klem could be a pseudonym used by Eugene Klementieff. For Eugene Klementieff I could find out he was the son of artist Aleksei Klementiev (1875-1946), Eugène Klementieff spent most of his life in France. He was a student at the famous Cubist Académie André Lhote, Paris, he exhibited at the Salon d’Indepéndant and Salon d’Automne.
Known for his portraits and still lifes, Klementiev is best remembered for his murals in the Eglise Sainte Jeanne d’Arc in Nice.

Art from E. Klem shows resemblance to art from Mario Labocetta and Wighead I recommend you visit these pages as well. I only added albums with the signature from E. Klem.

Books illustrated by E. Klem:

- Chairs et Dentelles( ca 1933-1938)
- L’Éducatrice Passionée (1937)
- L’Amoureuse Discipline ou Les Esclaves d’Eva Crimpton (1938)
- Odeurs de Femme (1938)

5 albums/42 artworks

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