E. Klem

~ 1901–1985 

Eugene Klementieff (Levgueni Klementie) a Russian painter and illustrator who grew up in St Petersburg, and moved to Paris early 1930, was a famous artist/ designer, illustrator who used the signature, E.Klem, or just E.K, or sometimes no signature for his erotic works.
Besides illustrating for the magazine La Vie Parisienne (starting 1934) he also produced paintings and etchings, and took part in group exhibitions. After 1934 he was commissioned by various clandestine publishers, in special the publisher and bookshop Librairier d'Antin. This bookshop offered a lot of corporal punishment books an art, Klementieff illustrated at least three Antin titles in this genre. He also illustrated books written by Jim Galding.

Art from E. Klem shows resemblance to art from Mario Labocetta and Wighead I recommend you visit these pages as well.

Books illustrated by E. Klem:

- Chairs et Dentelles( ca 1933-1938)
- L’Éducatrice Passionée (1937)
- L’Amoureuse Discipline ou Les Esclaves d’Eva Crimpton (1938)
- Odeurs de Femme (1938)
- Le Doctorat Impromptu (1954)

6 albums/54 artworks

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