Charles Hirlemann

~ Date of birth unknown ~

Charles Hirlemann was a French artist who signed his works C. Ch Hirlemann or, sometimes identified as "G. Hirlemann" in some library catalogs, but it is a mistake (the Ch was mistaken for a G).

The book The Case of Uncle Tom clearly identifies the name of illustrator (Ch. Hirlemann) and the signature of the artist is identical to that found in books sadomasochistic. Garnier editions published several books where the author's name, Charles Hirlemann, are identified with the full title page.

He illustrated a lot of books, here are the bdsm related books:

  • Au service du sultan rouge (1922)
  • Maison d' Education (1923)
  • Les Exploits d'un prince russe (1924)
  • Nymphes et Satyres modernes (1924)
  • Famille moderne (1925)
  • Trois jeunes filles dans la tourmente russe (1926)
  • Le Fouet Libertin (1926)
  • Les Flagellants passionnés (1927)
  • La Comtesse Evelyna (1914/28)
  • La Dominatrice (1928)
  • Le Pensionnat de Pontmorency (1928)
  • Maison d' Education (1928)
  • Plaisirs de Tibère (1929)
  • Amants féminins (1930)
  • Le Calvaire d'un amant (1930)
  • La Caverne des Supplices (1930)
  • Sous le règne de Béla Kun (1935)

Domptées par la Fouet was illustrated by both M. del Giglio ánd Charles Hirlemann.

11 albums/65 artworks

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