~ Date of birth unknow ~

Carlo was a French illustrator who's real name is unknown. It is assumed he worked as cartoonist for the Magazine Humor using the pseudonym Charléno ( Charles Henaut?)He has made a lot of sado masochistic drawings in the 1930's published by la Librairie Artistique, and la Librairie Artistique also Édition Parisienne Réunies working together with la Librairie Générale.

Most of Carlo's art is woman spanking art (F/F, M/F and /F). The ladies in Carlo's art almost always wear Stiletto heels, typical of BDSM/shoe fetishism, and also often tightlaced corsets and/or stockings.

*Note from webmaster
The last album (colored) was mentioned as being done by Carlo, the art however shows a strong resemblance with the art from Swiss Jim.

23 albums/353 artworks

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