Erotic art covers any artistic work that is intended to evoke erotic arousal or that depicts scenes of love-making. Fetish art is related to more specific themes, that are meant to arouse or do arouse, as well. as subjects like: High Heels, Boots, Corsets, Gloves, Shoes, Bdsm, Bondage, Spanking, Cross-Dressing, and so many, many more themes.

Historic spanking art is spanking art that is older than 100 years. The earliest known works of visual spanking art and mention of spanking in literature date back to the ancient high civilizations in Egypt, Greece, Rome, Israel, Persia and India.

This site is dedicated to vintage bdsm/fetish artists that illustrated multiple artworks, most times to illustrate books. Throughout the years I managed to built up quite a collection with many different artists, for some there was knowledge on their life and/or art, for others the only thing known was the art they created. I hope this index will help you browse all the art at this site, at the same time it is my goal to share knowledge to make sure these artists and their legacy to vintage fetish art will not be forgotten or get lost. There are over 4500 artworks archived. View a complete index here.

To be able to preserve this website and its collection I turned it into a virtual museum. Your paid subscription allows me to pay for hosting and spent time managing the site, as well as browse and collect new art to add.
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