Trying to keep records of all the art I have stored here is almost impossible, it is a time-consuming task since most time goes to browsing for new art to add I seldom allow myself to create an index that shows the amount of art that is stored online on my sie. There are also moments I forget to update this page 😉
However I am aware of the fact that the value of my site is difficult to measure for non-members, that is why I decided I might try to give my visitors some insight.
The artwork that is given away for free is not all included in this index.

Anonymous Art

Illustrated Books

Mixed Gallery: 28 albums/267 artworks

Pages on Books:
Les Malheurs de Colette – 2 albums/14 artworks
Bas de Soie – 3 albums/17 artworks
Dolly Morton – 3 albums/30 artworks
L’Avatar de Lucette – 2 albums/13 artworks
L’Homme Chien – 3 albums/17 artworks
Le Fouet Conjugal – 2 albums/18 artworks
Le Pensionnat du Fouet – 2 albums/24 artworks
Lise Fess̩e Р2 albums/11 artworks
Mysteries of the Verbena House – 2 albums/13 artworks
Memoires dun flagellant de-marque – 2 albums/12 artworks
Education Anglaise – 2 albums/15 artworks
Esclavage – 2 albums/27 artworks
Confidences d̼n Baronnet Р3 albums/30 artworks
Le Precepteur – 2 albums/15 artworks
Le Fouet – 2 albums/15 artworks
The Romance of Chastity – 2 albums/9 artworks
Jupes Courtes – 2 albums/10 artworks
Miss Cravache – 4 albums/24 artworks