Trying to keep records of all the art I have stored here is almost impossible, it is a time-consuming task since most time goes to browsing for new art to add I seldom allow myself to create an index that shows the amount of art that is stored online on my site. There are moments I forget to update this page 😉
However I am aware of the fact that the value of my site is difficult to measure for non-members, that is why I decided I might try to give my visitors some insight.
The artwork that is given away for free (non registered visitors) is not all included in this index.

Anonymous Art

Illustrated Books

Mixed Gallery: 30 albums/309 artworks

Pages about Books:
Les Malheurs de Colette – 2 albums/14 artworks
Bas de Soie – 3 albums/17 artworks
Dolly Morton – 3 albums/30 artworks
L’Avatar de Lucette – 4 albums/22 artworks
L’Homme Chien – 3 albums/17 artworks
Le Fouet Conjugal – 2 albums/18 artworks
Le Pensionnat du Fouet – 2 albums/24 artworks
Lise Fess̩e Р2 albums/11 artworks
Mysteries of the Verbena House – 2 albums/13 artworks
Memoires dun flagellant de-marque – 2 albums/12 artworks
Education Anglaise – 2 albums/15 artworks
Esclavage – 2 albums/27 artworks
Confidences d̼n Baronnet Р3 albums/30 artworks
Le Precepteur – 2 albums/15 artworks
Le Fouet – 2 albums/15 artworks
The Romance of Chastity – 2 albums/9 artworks
Jupes Courtes – 2 albums/10 artworks
Miss Cravache – 4 albums/24 artworks


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