Another Mystery

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When updating the page for Swiss Jim I found an album that confirmed some doubts about earlier bdsm art I had shared, at that time not connected to an artist.
Suddenly I remember having found art tributed to Carlo that has the same style. None of the artworks have a signature, which makes it more complicated to determine the artist. When this little mystery interests you, be sure to browse both artists. I also remembered sharing two artworks that looked the same but were from different artists, one with the signature from Carlo, the other from Sadie Maso. Which shines a completely different light on the art from these three artists.

The art itself does speak, I feel the art which was mentioned as being from Sadie Mazo looks the same as art from Swiss Jim, the art from Carlo (in this gallery) does also look like that from Swiss Jim.


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3 months ago

Great work, always glad how you make the connections and helps to see how and what.

Much appreciated, Grey

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