• To opt for payments via bankwire select manually. You will receive an invoice via email and as soon as I did receive your payment I will activate your subscription.
  • To pay via PayPal or Creditcard select Paypal. This is the fastest way, as soon as payment was processed you have access to all premium content.
  • Optional you can choose to automatically renew your subscription. Leaving this empty will get you a fixed ending date.
  • To end your automatic renewal click Cancel.
  • To renew a subscription select Renew. When this doesn’t show you have no active subscriptions and need to select a subscription and start from there.
  • To downgrade or upgrade to a different tier select the tier you desire, depending on your choice you will be asked to pay or a date is set for your payment (via Paypal). The new tier will be activated when your current one has expired.
  • To change your password, email or username click Edit Profile
  • To cancel your subscription but keep access to premium till the end date select Cancel
  • To abandon current subscription select abandon. Your subscription, account and access will be removed entirely.
  • To completely delete your account click delete account and data via Edit Profile. In case you have a subscription running you need to cancel this first and then delete your account.

When you are experiencing problems or have questions please read the Faq or use the contact form to get in touch with me. I welcome you as premium member and am grateful for your support.


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