This website is a special project that is very dear to me. I started my vintage (online) art collection in 2004 and in 2007 this site became a fact. At first I collected and shared erotic artworks as well, but more and more I wanted to dedicate my time to discover information and artworks related to fetish, bondage, bdsm, spanking, bondage and femdom artworks from artists who illustrated between 1880 and 1960. It is a very time consuming task, some albums take me months (sometimes even years) to put together.

One of my goals is to share knowledge and info on forgotten artists, perhaps I am a bit of a perfectionist since I don’t settle for just some images. I want to be able to provide as much art and info as possible. In order to reach my goal I spent a lot of time browsing the internet, comparing info I find, storing images and then browse for better quality if possible. My dedication knows little limits, whenever I come across an album I had stored online already but it is in a better quality or with larger images…I rebuilt the album. Some albums have been built up over more then three years, it started with one or two images from one particular artist. Too little to share online so then I keep on searching, determined to find more. It is only when I think there is enough info and art to share that a page (for an artist) is built and put online.

Since there are many artworks with no info on the artists I also managed to collect a lot of images from anonymous artists, these are shared as well. Then I also managed to built up a collection with illustrated books from unknown artists, info on the book, the author and sometimes even the publisher is known but the artist remains unknown. Artists who were involved in fetish art back in the days were risking a lot, so they used one or more pseudonyms in order to remain unknown and preventing juridical consequences. Understandable of course, but it makes my work more then a challenge. Especially since I am no historical expert, I just love vintage fetish artwork and like to share the treasures I discover.

There are over 4000 fetish artworks presented at this site, most of them are rare artworks. I try to maintain an indexpage so you can get an idea of what and how much art is stored on this site.

You can browse the free content or become a member and get exclusive access to all the content, this grants you access to every artwork, in the largest format possible, best quality possible, available to download and without watermarks.

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