This site was moved to

What happened to all the content?

All (more then 8000) artworks, artists, galleries, and info about vintage bdsm artists and books have been relocated to the new site.

What happened to my paid subscription? (members info)

All member subscriptions have been transferred to the new site. You were informed about this via email on May 8th 2023. When you did not receive a email please check your spam/junk or contact me.
A new user account was created for you using the same username and email as you used when signing up, you should have received a mail with a link to set your password. In case you did not receive this mail check your spam/junk or contact me.
The same conditions apply to this new account, you can view all premium content till your subscription ends.

So I had joined your newsletter, now what?

Please visit the new site and subscribe to the newsletter there.

I followed you via my WordPress Dashboard, how do I do this via your new domain?

Just visit the new domain, make sure you are logged in to your wordpress and click the button ‘follow’ or add the url to your readers list.

Now I am all confused, how can I contact you?

Just use the contact form and I will respond within a few days and help you gain access to the amazing and unique vintage bdsm artworks that I have been collecting since 2004.

And what if I like to learn more about you?

Feel free to learn more about me by reading here, of follow me via my socials (see on your right).

I love to see you all on my renewed site.


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