Spanking Art

Throughout history drawings were the most popular medium to show spanking art, somehow painting never has taken over the leading role which was common for other subjects such as nude or still life. All these spanking illustrations were drawn from imagination.
Ever since the middle age spanking drawings with pigmented inkt are featured in religious and secular book illustrations. With the rise of the first image printing technologies, like woodcat and engraving, it became possible to reproduce black and white illustrations in many identical copies. Later followed advancement in perspective, as well further technical innovations such as the etching and the lithography, which allowed reproducing drawings in fine gradients of grey, from pitch-black to almost white. Most of these works were book illustrations. These are the images I have been collecting over the years and for which you can find many art at this site. You will not find art related to spanking children, despite the fact this is a huge part of historical work on the subject of discipline and spanking, I avoid the subject since I prefer consensual spanking between adults as part of a erotic play.
My search for vintage erotic art related to spanking has also been a search for artwork that was produced to arouse adults with art presenting spanking in a consenual way. I learned that in France their were many artists who illustrated the fun and excitement of spanking as part of erotic pleasures, while in Germany artists tended to show the fear for the discipline and presented spanking as cruel events.

Spanking art can be found all around my site, you can discover various known artists and anonymous artists who illustrated books. There is also a special gallery with illustrated books for which the artist could not be determined. There are also some downloads available. Below you can enjoy a small presentation of artists and books with spanking art, for more I encourage you to browse the site.