FemDom Art

There is this old story, about Phyllis who rode Aristotle,  one might say this is one of the very first FemDom actions documented but most of all…it inspired various artists. Femdom is a typically adult genre and seems to fulfill the fantasies and desires of men who dream of strong females to dominate them.

it is hard to pinpoint a certain era as the start of FemDom Art. For instance there is a greek mythe:
Lysistrata entered into hand to hand struggle with one of the Greek soldiers. After a fierce battle she overcame him. The chagrinned soldier was further humiliated by being forced to wear a dress and carry the triumphant Lysistrata on his back. (source Women of history Dominating Males, 1961 Nutrix)
Also there have been found images from Pompeï showing a female having a male slave. It was believed some Roman woman occasionally used their male slaves as sex toys or lovers. They made them wear chastity belts which were called 'seedpods' or 'thecas'. Evidence was also found for male slaves being prostituses, being forced to do cunninglis to woman.

Throughout history books were illustrated with FemDom artworks. These can be found all around my site, you can discover various known artists and anonymous artists who illustrated books. There is also a special gallery with illustrated books for which the artist could not be determined. and there are some downloads available. Below you can enjoy a small presentation of artists and books with spanking art, for more I encourage you to browse the site.