Illustrated Books 1

This special download package contains illustrations for the following books:
(whenever there is a link attached to the title of the book images are also available to view at this site)

  • Au Royaume Fouet, written by Jim Galding, illustrated by Hageby, published in 1937
  • Fouetteuses, anonymous writer, anonymous illustrator, published in  1927
  • l’Amour Fouette, written by Gaston Vincennes, illustrated by Ch. Avalanche, published ca 1930 (cover art from Mario Labocetta)
  • Les Egarements de Julie, written by Jacques Antoine René Perrin, illustrated by Leon Ribeaunardy, published in 1883
  • Le Magnetisme de Fouet, written by Jean de Villiot, illustrated by Adolphe Lambrecht, published in 1902
  • La Fille Punie, written by Marquerite Belly, unknown illustrator, published in 1935
  • Sade 1930, written by Marquis de Sade, other details unknown
  • Turbulentes Ecolieres, written by  Maurice de Vindas, illustrated by Maurice de Vindas, published in 1921

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