Eugene Klementieff

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  • ~ 1901-1985

    Klementieff was the son of artist A. Klementiev. He spent his childhood in St. Petersburg and Omsk. He studied at the 1st Siberian Cadet Corps (1918-1919). Painting he studied under his father. He participated in exhibitions of the Society of Artists and lovers of fine arts steppe (1917, 1918). He lived in France (1922), where he continued his art education. Exhibited in the cabin and Independent Autumn Salon (1926). He painted portraits and still life,non figurative compositions created later. He worked on the frescoes in the church of St. Joan of Nice.

    Artworks from this artists were already on my site for some years, they were contrinuted to the book L'Eductrice Passionée which was at first connected to Wighead. A seller on ebay mentions that the initials E.K and the pseudonyme E. Klem should be contributed to Eugene Klementieff. I am still not entirely conviced since the styles from the illustratons for this book and the paintings from Eugene differ a lot, but since I am no real expert in this field I will follow info as I find it and perhaps in time I can add more art.



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